Automatic dispenser DMA1620

Through applying Cavity Bolts Pump (CBP), the automatic dispenser DMA16 is newly developed by OCEANPOWER with high accuracy and durable in use. 
The modular design makes it possible that independent maintenace and low using cost. Equipped with PC intelligentized color software; concise controlling panel, easy to operate and use. It is the best choice of paint shop or distributor.


-      Considering ergonomics, DMA1620 is easy to operate. Simple apppearance with cover and side door; and wide inside spacee facilitates daily pouring colorant or amintenances.

-   Each canister is equipped with CBP, whose hard chromium planting can enhance wear and corrosion resistance, and that is compatible with water base colorant.

-        Resorption function and semiautomatic humidifier cap avoid corlorant drying or nozzle bocking.

-      As the canister and pump are installed into a united module, the user can operate the machine easily, and disassmble, repair or replace independently.

-       The catoptric sensor identifies the existence of barrel.

-      Circulating stirring inside the canister keeps the colorant from precipitating and in a good state.

-      Powerful software with color formula imputing, seaching, midifying, deleting and automatic colorants level checking, to achieve quick and independent calibration, cleaning at regular time and warning to low colorant level.



220V/50Hz/3A, 110V/60Hz/6A

Number of canisters

16 canisters

Volume of canister

2 L


Water-base or universal colorants

Max flow rate

0.2 L/min



Minimum disenser quantily

0.03 ml

Dispense type

Sequential dispense

Pump type

Cavity Bolts Pump (CBP)

Capping system

Automatic humidifier cap

Nozzle size

Diameter 2.5 mm

Machine size