Ocean Power AT16-LN Manual Dispenser

AT 16-LN Manual Dispenser is economical and half automatic, which is developed for paint color matching for decorative building wall and also suit for retail shop. It owns many advantages, such as high precision and good stability.


  • Double- pump and double- gauge ensure the precise outpouring
  • Automatic timing stirring and bevel nozzle designing
  • High quality ceramic valves can solve the leaking problem
  • Original double-lay visual covers to keep humid
  • Automatic colorant mixing (5mins every 4 hours , factory adjustable)
  • Min/max dispensing volume : 0.077ml(1/384 Oz) 59.148ml(2 Oz) 


Mixing speed: 20r/min

Canister volume: 2.3L

Power: 220V,80W,50Hz/60Hz

Number of canister: 28/24/22/20/16/14/12

Pump size: 2 ounce, 5 ounce

Type of Gauge: Oz or ml

Net weight: 73Kg

Gross weight: 105Kg

Machine size: 800*800*1215mm

Package size: 860*860*1040mm