Ocean Power AIO Integrated Tinting Machine

Features: Manual dispenser and automatic shaker in one machine. The integration of dispensing and mixing saves space and reduces cost. Improve efficiency , reduce intensity. 

Easy to maintenance with the rear of the line layout. Net/gross weight :315kg/352kg. Machine size: 780*876*1540mm. Package size : 1000*1120*1380mm.

Manual Dispenser Parameters:

Mixing Speed


Canister Volume



220V, 50Hz/60Hz

Number of Canister

16(12 to 28)

Pump Size

2 ounce, 5 ounce

Type of Gauge

Oz or ml

Min dispensing volume

0.077ml( 1/384Oz)

Max dispensing volume

59.148ml (2 Oz)


Automatic Shaker Parameters:

Mixing time:60,180,300s

Shaking frequency: 680-750r/min

Load weight: 1-20L,1-35KG

Table distance: 50-410mm

Cubage: 370*370*410mm

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

Speed of motor power: 1400R.P.M

Shaking motor power: 750w+120w

Noise level: <70dB(A)